“When need changes into necessity,

Being in a rapid fast-moving world, we have much less time compared to earlier when you had time to prepare your own meals and dishes. The constant growth of the world along with creative and time-saving inventions in technology has given birth to a more easy and relaxed lifestyle. This has entirely changed the routine of the common man as everything is readily available to him.

One of the ease that has and had a huge impact is the food industry. Beneficial and cost-effective at the same time. Now hence the food industry is also a service-based business that calls in for quality and safety as it impacts the nation indirectly. The health of a citizen is given utmost importance in every nation irrespective of the region. Hence we know the importance of safety measures and pest control which has to be taken care of by food factories and for the purpose to carry out each government has its own food safety standards set for the benefit stands itself. And it has become mandatory for every factor in the industry to follow stringent procedures to ensure safety.

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