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Tahssin provides pest control services and targets also owners of existing buildings, buildings under construction, homes, factories, restaurants, and shops by providing unique solutions to every problem you face in eliminating unwanted insects and pests, and we use high-quality products that are completely safe for you, your family, guests, and pets.

Insects control of all it's kinds

the appearance of insects anywhere could be big disturbing trouble and annoying, even if it hides, in Tahssin we can terminate every kind of insects you can see.

Projects & under construction services

At Tahssin, you can rely on us to get the best services related to your under-construction projects, where time and speed of completion take priority. You will benefit from the services by maintaining planning and construction materials to complete the project within targeted time and budget.

Ready building & firms custom services

Tahssin Also Serves totally Custom services up to your needs and requirements, to be suitable especially for your projects and meets the targeted budget، maintaining the same highest quality that Tahssin always serves.

Ready building & firms long term services

We offer at Tahssin long-term contracts for buildings, with the aim of sustainable preservation of all resources in the industrial, commercial, and services business, which leads to the sustainability of progress in production, manufacturing, storage, etc


Misuse of pesticides for pest control will not only change the composition of the soil, but can also cause damage to raw materials in the woodworking and other industry which may change the shelf life of the product

Soil testing services

We offer soil testing services that can help you assess soil quality, which can affect two primary industries, agriculture, and construction. Maintaining soil quality and suitability for any purpose is essential to achieving the desired results depending on the field chosen

Official completion certification services

We are always expanding in Tahssin to provide the best, and therefore we provide official certificates of completion of the service issued by the right authorities, which ensures obtaining the best service with the best-approved quality and standards

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